Providing financial management, bookkeeping & support to help you and your business grow

Its always worth asking yourself why exactly you started up in business.  Maybe you spotted a gap in the market and felt there was money to be made? It could have been to help create something of outstanding beauty as an artist, or had a story to tell as a documentary maker?  Perhaps you had simply had enough of working for other people and fed up of being under valued, and under paid? Maybe self employment seemed to be the only option in the increasingly fragmented labour market. Whatever the reason, it is unlikely that the driving force was to learn how to produce business plans, financial reports, submit VAT returns, get to grips with PAYE and plan for future tax liabilities.  And that is where we come in.

Running your own business these days requires a complex range of skills and attributes and with our skill set, we can provide support in a wide range of areas. With our assistance, you can go back to what it is you do best and what you actually wanted to do in the first place.  Or at least head in that direction.

Richard has over 25 years of experience in working closely with Boards, Trustees, Company Directors, Partners and Sole Traders helping them to push their business forward and start to grow.  We specialise in helping new start-ups get off the ground, assist established firms to expand and become more profitable. We also have extensive experience of working with Not for Profits and Charities, helping to successfully apply for grants from central and local funding bodies, to meet their aims and objectives.

We currently have clients based in East Sussex and London, and some in between.  We can provide both on and off-site services, adapting to your needs as your business expands. Please feel free to get in touch