Personal Self Assessment


Drowning in a sea of paperwork?  The drawer of receipts, invoices, bank statements and various bits and bobs overflowing and don’t quite know where to start?  Both employed and self employed?  Staring at the screen and can’t make head nor tail of it?  Fear not, we can make the problem disappear with the minimum of fuss and expense.

We offer a range of service levels to ensure your tax return gets submitted on time; from emptying the drawer into a bag that we will then decipher; giving advice and training so that costs can be minimised; to taking your workings and formulating a coherent statement to be included on your return.  We can produce Profit & Loss Reports and Balance Sheets along with a both detailed or short analysis of how your business has functioned, strengths and weaknesses, along with comparing year on year performance.  Alternatively, we can just get it done for you.  And submitted on time.

We have over 100 clients ranging from Limited Companies specialising in documentary making, graphic design, property development and management, self employed photographers, web designers, artists, performers, musicians to builders and electricians.

Prices start from as little as £175.00 per year for completing and submitting a simple tax return – its more for accounts preparation, depending on volume.  Contact us for a free, no obligation meet up, to discuss your requirements.  Which normally involves a decent coffee somewhere.